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Club Esports with CT Storm

Want to go further beyond? CT Storm allows you to join a team and strive for greatness in the Valhallan Esports League (VHEL)!

Club Esports with CT Storm

CT Storm is Connecticut's first adolescent esports club, here to take your skill to the next level. Learn what it takes to be a team player, bolster your experience in tournaments, and work with collegiate coaches here to instill the intangibles most schools seek when scouting their next top players. CT Storm practices are once a week with a coach which can be attended in person or remotely if setups allow. Engage in thoughtful vod reviews, esports curriculums designed to improve the mechanical and tactical prowess that make gamers succeed, and work in a system that emphasizes communication, teamplay, and interreliance. Find the full schedule on our programs page and note each member can attend Friday Open PC Time and our Saturday CT Storm practice block for free to get extra time on the PCs that you’ll use to best players from all over the country.

Fortnite (Rookie)

Fortnite Rookie is a great place to start for players new to Fortnite or organized competitive play. Learn the mechanics of the game, how to be a team player, and how to communicate with your teammates to achieve victory among your peers from around the country. (typical ages: 8-14)

Schedule: Mon. 5:30-7pm & Sat. 1pm-3pm


Fortnite (Elite)

Fortnite Elite is a great way to improve your game, taking your skill on ladder into an organized tournament series. Whether you have experience in tournaments or not, learn how to be an integral facet of a team, learn the metagame of Fortnite, and face off against the country's best Fortnite players. (typical ages: 10-18)

Schedule: Tue. 5:30-7pm & Sat. 1pm-3pm


Rocket League (Rookie)

Rocket League Middle is here to bring you a esports team experience like no other! Rocket League is one of the biggest esports in the world and if you want to become the greatest start off with our Middle team, ready to work with new beginners, returning players, or players just looking to not be bottom of the scoreboard when you play with your friends. Learn to work together and succeed as a team in VHEL! (typical ages: 8-14)

Schedule: Wed. 5:30-7pm & Sat. 1-3pm


Rocket League (Elite)

The high school Rocket League team is where you can take the skills you’ve learned, iron them out in a team environment, and learn to dominate the competition. Playing in the VHEL Rocket League series improves your chances of collegiate scholarships, regardless of where you’re starting from, so join today and learn what it takes to be the best! (typical ages: 10-18)

Schedule: Wed. 7-8:30pm & Sat. 1-3pm


Overwatch 2 (Rookie)

Overwatch Middle is the jumping off point for one of the most intensive esport titles we have. Overwatch is full of communication, mechanical ability, and strategy, rolled into a single team environment played by a huge player base. See what it takes to rank up, win matches, and compete on a national level. (typical ages: 10-14)

Schedule: Tue. 7-8:30pm & Sat. 1-3pm


Overwatch 2 (Elite)

The Collegiate Overwatch scene continues to grow, with more and more colleges each year creating scholarship opportunities for high level players. Buff your chances by joining the high school Overwatch team, taking a more collegiate approach with our staff who have worked on, with, and as head coaches of the college teams you might be applying to one day. (typical ages: 14-18)

Schedule: Thu. 7-8:30pm & Sat. 1-3pm


League of Legends

Wilton has the best League of Legends team in Connecticut, as the reigning champion of CIAC League of Legends series, but do we have the talent to compete on the national level? Take your League skills big time and play against League players from around the country. Don’t stop at state champions, conquer the world! (typical ages: 12-18)

Schedule: Thu. 5:30-7pm & Sat. 1-3pm



For players looking to improve and face more manageable challenges. Ranked Play and Tournament Play are two different realms, and here at CTEA we play scrims, matches, and tournaments at level for our team to provide the optimal environment to get better. Receive collegiate coaching and learn team mechanics, set plays, and the larger metagame that underpins Valorant to achieve victory on the national stage. (typical ages: 12-18)

Schedule: Mon. 7-8:30pm & Sat. 1-3pm


(Age range can be flexible depending on the program)

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