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CT Storm Competitive Teams

Want to go further beyond? Joining a CT Storm team allows you to join the best of the best and work together to strive for greatness and glory in the Valhallan Esports League (VHEL)! We have a litany of skill levels so come find out where you rank and work with dedicated coaches to improve your game, whatever it might be!

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Coding Education

Start learning the basics of logical thinking with kid-friendly interactive material. Using block-based coding, students will be able to visualize how their programs will function in real time. Understand the language of a fascinating digital world through code!

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Minecraft Clubs

Join and make new friends with weekly minecraft clubs where you’ll go on intricate missions and adventures to complete the game, learn tricks and hidden STEM features of the game, and go further beyond just survival.

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Social Esports Clubs

Interested in playing more competitive games but don’t know where to start? Join a club and explore a bunch of new games with coaches and peers on a weekly schedule of the most popular games as a way to get some experience in the Esports world!

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