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Our Programs

Summer Programs

Our After School Programs are a great way for you to get your foot in the door at CTEA! Meet new people, try new things, and start building your passion for gaming!

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Club Esports with CT Storm

Want to go further beyond? CT Storm allows you to join a team and strive for greatness in the Valhallan Esports League (VHEL)!

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Events and Bookings

Interested in what we offer at CTEA, but don't want to enter a full program? Join us for one of our events, or host your own!

Try Us For Free!

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS to join a program during the regular meeting time! Get meet the coach/instructor, interact with potential teammates, and get a sense for the program you're interested in!

Schedule a free 30 MINUTE VISIT for a 1-on-1 session! Meet the CTEA staff, ask any questions, and take a preliminary skill evaluation to ensure you fit into the appropriate program!

CTEA Summer Schedule

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