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CTEA has partnered with the Riverbrook YMCA, to provide a comprehensive in person gaming experience to the Wilton, Redding, and Norwalk community. CTEA is committed to upholding the YMCA values of youth development by providing a safe environment to meet others with the same gaming passion and be properly fueled to achieve all you can in the esports world.


We pride ourselves on integrating healthy living into our Club Esports programs by utilizing the Wilton facility to its full potential, with rope courses, min golf, full gyms, and pools. Gaming doesn’t have to mean neglecting your body's need for strength and agility. We also support our social responsibility by informing parents, teens, and adolescents about the pitfalls easily preventable by gaming with former collegiate coaches, psychology professionals, and staff well accustomed to working with kids. 

 Meet The Team 

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