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Events and Bookings

Interested in what we offer at CTEA, but don't want to enter a full program? Join us for one of our events, or host your own!

Events and Bookings

Open House Sessions

Sign up for an Open House to check out the space and some of the programs we offer. If you register for an open house and want to get a skill evaluation we’ll do one free of charge, recommending which program/team to join and how to start improving your skill immediately! Find out where to start your gaming journey by registering for one of our weekend open houses today!

Open PC Hour

All Y members are welcome to a FREE Open PC Hour each week. From 5:30pm - 6:30pm on Friday, you can come in and use our facility! but if interest grows we can make some more time. Recommended for any age!

Birthday Rentals

You can rent out our space on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for a birthday or get together and use our PC’s for some high powered gaming. Starting at 375$/2 hours, we can help provide everything and set up surprises, food, games, tournaments, and more! Contact for more information and inquiries.


CTEA will be running a variety of tournaments in the coming months! Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Rocket League 1v1s, and many many more! Specific events will be announced on the front of the website, as well as listed in our Events Calendar here.

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