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CTEA Summer Outlook

Catch up our updated Summer Schedule, and Weekly Tournament Announcements!

Peter Quinn

Jun 1, 2024

Howdy all, I hope you are all excited for the summer as it’s finally upon us. I know a lot of gamers, myself included, get excited at the prospect of no school, lovely (air conditioned) weather, and the free time to game full throttle! So let’s talk about how CTEA can help with your gaming needs this summer with our new Summer Schedule! We also have some new programs, classes and events to keep you busy all summer! Without further ado, let’s kick off the summer with your CTEA May Newsletter. 

As you can see above this is what our CTEA Wilton schedule will look like as of June 24th, coinciding with Camp Gordyland starting. Just to go over some of the broad strokes:

A yet unnamed Computer Science class where both Coach Peter and Coach Adam will put on some fun learning experiences for kids to familiarize themselves with all sorts of technology and STEM concepts. From Computers to Robotics to Coding, we’re going to be doing fun things each class and filling the summer with education as well as excitement. 

Our Aftercare is another form of Social Club, an opportunity to hang out in the Esports Lounge after running around Camp all day and play some video games with your friends before you head home for the day. You can also join this if you are interested in more time in the space but are not in Camp Gordyland. 

We’ve restructured our competitive programs schedule to include CT Storm Prep and our returning CT Storm Teams match time. With the VHEL season approaching we may have some people sign up for our programs after the deadline to get our team registered. Game Prep is a time for those who are not on a team to practice, meet the team, and still get in a solid practice. It also allows for members of those teams to come in when they are free and start warming up for the game later than evening. Think of each game's respective prep time slot as our old Saturday extra practice time, so if you are signed up for a team take advantage of the extra practice time when you can. 

We’ll get into Tournaments a little further down!  

Now I know there are likely a lot of questions so here are some pre answers to your questions, but if I miss any that you have please let me know via email.

  • Current Members continue to pay their programs monthly, all is the same, just the time/day you may be coming in for. (e.g. Social Clubs move from Wednesday/Friday to Tuesday/Thursday, Coding and Computers 101 can choose which day fits best for them, but is moving from Tues/Thurs to Monday/Wednesday) 

  • This schedule will go into effect June 24th, with the exception of Game Times for VHEL’s season which starts the 17th of June. Respective teams will be notified of this closer to our season start date. 

  • Links to register for the new programs are not yet available, when they are you will get another email from the YMCA or CTEA letting you know. 

Hopefully, that clears up some confusion, but once again feel free to email me any questions, comments or concerns that you may have. Moving on we have TOURNAMENTS! That’s right, here at the Esports Room in the Wilton YMCA we will be having Esports Tournaments every Friday from 4:00pm - 6:30pm. Registrations will be in person, so it is first come first serve. We will be hosting events in many of your favorite titles, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Super Smash, and Mario Kart! Details on price and prize will be announced alongside each event, but all CTEA members will be guaranteed free entry for each tournament. So come on by and show what you’re made of, and bring your friends too to show them who the boss is! 

Finally I wanted to end on a community note. A previous member of the CTEA family at CT Storm Southington, Evan, has gotten a scholarship for an Esports Camp at Quinnipiac this Summer. I could not be more proud of one of the members finding their way in the world and chasing their esports dreams and then succeeding! There is so much more to go obviously and I am sure Evan will work hard this summer, but congratulations to them for such an amazing accomplishment. This goes to show the continuing rise of esports across the country is not a passing fad but something that is here to stay. As these universities continue to grow their programs and look for more members to hand out scholarships or even team positions to, know that CTEA is here to help you get there and be the best candidate possible! 

And with that being said, this newsletter is closing out. Feel free to email me any questions you have ( or if you would like to be notified about when the class and program registrations are going up. More information will be coming soon on the pricing, registration, and occurrence of everything we have here today, so expect to hear from us prior to the 24th via email or through updates on our websites. I hope you are all having a great week and are excited for a great (gaming) summer!

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