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CTEA March Recap!

Overview of CTEA's Opening Months, Competitive Success, and Marketing Future!

Peter Quinn

Apr 1, 2024

Howdy all! I wanted to start off with apologies for the delay of newsletters/updates, CTEA has been undergoing some changes and improvements as we attempt to make the in person, adolescent gaming experience as best as possible for our participants. We’ll be trying to keep these up monthly (with some help from our new friends, we’ll get into it later this update) so keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter on our website to keep up to date. So without further ado let’s hop into a big old monthly (couple months) recap of what CTEA has been up to. 


CTEA has kicked off their VHEL Fortnite season with two Duo’s teams; CTEA Wilton Gold and Maroon, with Jaiden and Owen and then James and Joseph. So far both teams have fared incredibly well for first time esports players in a highly competitive league, whilst also adapting to new updates for the game. I want to give a special shout out to the Maroon Team for a fantastic performance on the week of March 11th after managing to get all the way into second place, scoring the highest amount of points for the CTEA teams so far in a VHEL season! Amazing performances like this were due to some incredible efforts all around, so a great job to every member of our Fortnite teams! Keep up the good work! 


CTEA is also happy to announce we are working with a new marketing firm, attempting to increase our numbers and meet the many many CT gamers out there to help them actualize their gaming dreams into reality. We have a lot of fun content coming your way over the next couple months from introductions to the esports we’re playing, in depth VOD reviews for our students, and a behind the scenes look at the esports room and staff. If you want to stay updated on those videos drop a follow on our socials, all links are on the side of our website. Due to this though, if you are a parent of a member of a CTEA participant then expect an email with a media release to be signed and sent back sometime this week so that we know whether or not to create some of that content surrounding your kid. Feel free to opt out but please send an email back just so we know you got it! 


CTEA has been growing little by little so I wanted to take the opportunity to shout out our new members from our intrepid youtuber on Fridays to our Minecraft farmers on Saturdays and say welcome. Because of the increased interest in more games we’ve decided to add a new flock of games to our computers and will be coming up with a way to take requests over the next few weeks, but for now you can send game recommendations directly to Peter (@ctesportsacademy) via email, social media, or in person. Some of the new games we’ll be adding are NBA 2K, Madden, Sea of Thieves, and more! A full game list will be put up on our website shortly, so if you see anything you feel like we’re missing, drop us a note. 


Finally another little tease for the upcoming months is that we will not be having our own summer camp, but are planning to work with Camp Gordyland at the YMCA. If you are a 5th-8th grader attending the Wilton YMCA Summer Camp you should expect to see our facility in some capacity, but for anyone who isn’t, we’ll be planning to do some in house summer tournaments and events, increasing our Social Club time after the camp, and continuing our normal afternoon to night activities so we can participate in the VHEL Summer Split. You should see a full CTEA Summer Schedule up on our website by next month, so everyone can plan accordingly. 


Once again, thank you all for the continual support and I hope to see you back a little more regularly in this Newsletter, over the next couple of months, so subscribe on our website if you haven’t done so already. I hope you all have a good rest of your day and peace!

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