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  • What equipment do I need?
    CTEA supplies all the necessary equipment for our programs. This includes PC, monitor, headset, mouse, keyboard, and a limited supply of controllers. We do encourage athletes to bring their own controllers so they can play consistently with the same equipment! On-site controllers are first come first serve and are xbox style controllers.
  • My child already games too much, will this benefit them?
    Absolutely! Programming that encourages healthy habits, positive gaming culture, and mental health will absolutely benefit your athlete. The solution can't be to do nothing right? So let us instill those positive elements into something your child already loves and enjoys!
  • Can we attend remotely?
    In certain instances we will allow remote players. Some of our benefits are connected to the in-person elements of this program. The socialization, the celebration, and the interpersonal skills developed are a big part of why we push for in-person programming. We do understand that not everyone can attend in person due to a variety of reason so just reach out to us! Our building is handicap accessible with an elevator as well!
  • How can I support my child playing esports?
    The best way to support your child in esports is to treat it like a traditional sport. Provide the necessary equipment, craft at home or help with transportation to a safe practice venue, and attend or view their games. Be excited when they are, about victories, achievements, events, etc. In general, it is important to show positivity towards their passion.
  • How can I watch my child's matches?
    Every match will be broadcasted live @ where you can watch and cheer on your child remotely. When possible, we will be including live commentating to help explain what is happening for parents that are less familiar with the game.
  • What games do you offer?
    We currently are providing CT Storm teams in Overwatch, Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Halo.
  • Do you offer Adult gaming?
    This depends on the location; Southington does currently offer Adult Call of Duty on Sunday from 6-9pm.
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