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Spring Trials!

Interested in gaming, but not sure if CTEA is the right fit for you? Fill out a form and join us for a free 1-day trial, any week throughout the Winter and Spring months!

Why Choose Us

We want to create safe environments for adolescents to learn and explore the depths of the Esports world, recognizing the lessons of organized sports and trying to bring that energy of determination, responsibility and discipline to the digital landscape.

Supporting Growth and Anticipating the Future

CTEA is committed to making sure that you improve, not only at the games you choose to play but as an e-athlete. The future paths CTEA members can take varies from getting collegiate scholarships, playing amateur or even professional circuits, or even turning a personal brand into a streamer/creator personality within the gaming ecosystem. Esports as an industry has failed to show the next generation how it is done but at CTEA we want to change that and make sure that the group of players who are up next are well adjusted and prepared individuals, on and off the server.

Responsibility and Discipline in the Digital Realm

Esports has always had the ability to replicate the competitive landscape seen in traditional sports and with all of our staff coming from that background we strive to instill this regimen onto the next generations of esports players. CTEA is dedicated to practice and game schedules, coaching styles, and guidance that imitate AAU Basketball, Club Soccer or Volleyball, or any other non-scholastic sports conference. We participate in tournaments year round, both virtually and in person, composed of some of the best e-athletes of this age range, guaranteeing that you’ll get out what you put in!

We Know it isn’t JUST a Game

CTEA understands the importance of individual success so we know that for many it isn’t just a game. We pride ourselves on our coaching staff being from traditional sports backgrounds where the importance of a sound mind and body is the key to success, and nothing is different when you are playing in front of a screen. We promote and provide healthy practices to make sure members recognize the many factors that impact their play, aiming to mitigate and control those factors, turning former banes into boons.

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